From startups to public organizations to online businesses, clients approach me with different kinds of challenges and ideas. Here, I explain how I add value to your business.

Your business deserves the right to leverage all the tools and resources available so it can unlock the quickest and most effective path to revenue and profit. Design, branding, and marketing are the tools to achieve that.

Are you using all the available tools and opportunities that your business deserves? I help identify them.

The best branding and marketing strategy will succeed in a company where the value proposition has been researched and is clear to the business internally. This includes doing research on the potential target audience, the current market and competitors.

What value does your business really add? And what makes you stand out from your competitors? When the unique selling points are strong, differentiating, and integrated into every aspect of your business, I believe you’re already one step ahead of 95% of businesses.

Perhaps you ask for ‘A’ but instead you need ‘B’ to succeed. I try to ask the right questions and dive right into the heart of your business. This way I’m able to identify the actual needs and create a design, branding, or marketing strategy that gets your business the best results.

Giving the best advice to your business is what distinguishes the definition of a ‘client’ vs. customer. A client is someone I ‘protect’ from bad advice and establish a long-term personal relationship with.


What problem is your business solving? How will design communicate that in the most effective way?

Through research and an insightful approach to the target audience and with the understanding of the nature of the problem your business is solving, we can answer those questions. Once we know what the value proposition is and what the needs and the demographics are of the target audience, we have a solid foundation to build the design, branding, and user experience around.


Marketing is a powerful and versatile tool you should use to the advantage of your business. Not all businesses are using marketing effectively. To pick the right marketing strategy, the value proposition must be crystal clear.

What problem is your business solving? How are you different from your competitors? Or… if you’re doing exactly the same, how can you *become* different in the eyes of the client or customer? Do you need more clients, want to earn more per client, or want to increase their life span?

With the above questions answered (among others), developing a brand and executing a marketing strategy will yield much better results for your business by getting into the heart of the company and building the marketing strategy with a close connection to its foundation and USP’s.

After the value proposition and marketing strategy have been defined, it should be integrated into every single point of communication with the client/customer: website, corporate identity, helpdesk, sales, employees, etc.

There’s a ton of opportunity around your business. Identifying those opportunities is the challenge.


On a final note, I’d like to emphasize how important testing is throughout the process. Test, test, test. It’s so crucial, but I have seen many businesses that are not applying this in their process. Or at least not effectively.

Perhaps you’re using ‘Method A’ right now. But by testing another approach, solution, marketing message, or design you could increase revenue just by testing and tweaking the marketing strategy. Then analyze which one has the highest return on investment.

Also, the process itself should be continuously evaluated. Which parts can be tweaked or executed better? Analyzing the process will increase the chances of success.

The fact is, there’s virtually always money being left on the table, and my passion is to discover where that is for your business.

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