"Every business deserves the right to increase their revenue by optimizing their digital products with an effective strategy and user experience."

My name is Michel, Bio and I'm a seasoned product designer. Since over a decade, I have successfully helped brands and startups build and improve their digital products.

More recently I've built digital products for startups active in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.


What I do —

Crystallize your value proposition then design, develop and improve your digital products.

My expertise —

Product Design
UI/UX Design
User Experience Design
Front-end Development
Serverless and Static Sites
Branding and Identity
Digital Strategy

Client verticals —

Ethereum ÐApps / Distributed Ledger Technology
Startups / Digital Products
Retail / E-commerce
Consumer Brands
Emerging / Micro Brands

Check out my full bio to learn about my background and skill sets.
For any inquiries I'd love to hear from you.