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A browser extension that makes it easy to save money.

CouponMate is a browser extension that makes it easy to save money and time shopping online. CouponMate currently saves you money and time in two ways:

Automatically finds you coupon codes as soon as you begin shopping and also at checkout. Applies those coupons automatically for you while checking out.

I have been involved with this startup in Miami (FL), from the early beginning. My role was to design and develop their complete identity, branding (including logo), and all of their digital products.

The CouponMate browser extension is one of the digital products I have been working on with the development team. Their target audience consists of people who use printed coupons and online coupons. It’s a broad audience, consisting of tech-savvy hipsters and smart moms and dads who’d like to save money while shopping online.

Because it’s a technical solution with a mixed audience, the user experience has played a huge role from the very beginning. The challenge here was to build a browser extension that was easy enough for all types of demographics to use.

Their website experience is another digital product I have been working on with the development team. The CouponMate website offers the same coupons & deals as you’d find in the extension. The difference here is the traffic source and types of users. A huge amount of traffic to the website comes from organic search, e.g. people who search for ‘Amazon Coupons.’

With the right messaging and promotional material, the goal was to convert website users into extension users. The users of the extension are using CouponMate’s service more frequently.

At some point, we launched the browser extension. We had no active users yet and the goal was to make that number grow exponentially. My role was to make those numbers grow through marketing.

How could we grow the number of users in the most cost-effective way? I have been categorizing and targeting different types of online communities. To name a few: Reddit, ProductHunt and misc. blogging networks with ‘frugal moms’ as their target audience.

As a result of the marketing efforts, CouponMate had a viral start with users from different parts of the world. And their user-base is still growing to date.

A screenshot of a section on the homepage.CouponMate - Presentation - 0bA screenshot of a brand/store page, listing coupons and deals.CouponMate - Presentation - 0cScreenshots of the browser sidebar extension.CouponMate - Presentation - 1CouponMate - Presentation - 2The welcome screen of the AutoTry function. Shown once.CouponMate - Presentation - 3Explaining the User Interface and the experience of the Welcome screen, internally.CouponMate - Presentation - 8The ‘In Progress’ screen of the AutoTry modal. The Heart bounces while in action. Also some real-time indicators.CouponMate - Presentation - 4Explaining the User Interface and the experience, internally.CouponMate - Presentation - 7The success screen modal. Displays the savings achieved, which coupon was applied and how long it took.CouponMate - Presentation - 5The ‘No Luck’ screen of the AutoTry function. Shown when no working coupons were found.CouponMate - Presentation - 6Visit CouponMate