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Safely store Ether and tokens

The Gnosis Safe (Personal Edition) is a token wallet for Ether and tokens. It leverages a so called multisignature smart contract. This smart contract allows you to create a token wallet having multiple owners. It can be specified that at least an N amount of owners need to sign a transaction, before it gets approved and sent.

The Gnosis Safe mobile app leverages this smart contract by pairing with the Chrome extension. This essentially creates a token wallet where the mobile app + Chrome extension are both owners (+ a recovery phrase) and need to both sign and approve transactions.

I was asked to build and develop the brand identity, mobile app, Chrome extension and product website.

Some screens of the UX Wireframe process:Gnosis Safe UX - 1Gnosis Safe UX - 2Gnosis Safe UX - 3Gnosis Safe UX - 4

Some screens of the UI:Gnosis Safe UI - 1Gnosis Safe UI - 2Gnosis Safe UI - 3Gnosis Safe UI - 4Gnosis Safe UI - 5

View of the Chrome Extension:Gnosis Safe - Extension 0Gnosis Safe - Extension 1Gnosis Safe - Extension 2Gnosis Safe - Extension 3View interactive demo

View of the website:Gnosis Safe - Website

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