Prediction Markets - hero


The Gnosis Trading Interface allows users to trade in prediction markets. Different cards on the dashboard display new and soon-closing markets along with their current prediction so they never miss a chance to participate.

From within a market's detail page, users are able to buy or sell shares in a market and navigate to their current holdings. Depending on whether they're predicting a categorical event or a scalar event, they'll be able to trade outcome or short/long tokens.

I was asked to review and re-design their existing user interface. Below some screens of the proposed mockups. Currently the implementation process is on-going on client's end and the mockups aren't reflected yet in the live environment.

Some screens of the UX Wireframe process:Prediction Markets UX - 1Prediction Markets UX - 2Prediction Markets UX - 3

Some screens of the UI mockups:Prediction Markets UI - 1Prediction Markets UI - 2Prediction Markets UI - 3Prediction Markets UI - 4

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